Saturday, December 5, 2015

For Our German Readers: Your Genetic Loss in American Dollars

The cost of "Merkel's Boner."

We hear much about "Germany taking in 800,000 migrants this year."  We also hear idiots even trying to make the case that the influx will "boost the German economy" by "providing needed workers" and "dynamic immigrants.'

So, let us look at the influx with an economic twist. I will use the crude but useful "coarse-graining" approach outlined here, which has some caveats, but is nevertheless a good approximation of what we are considering.

Assume 800,000 non-European Caucasian (NEC) immigrants, with every 8.5 immigrants imposing the loss of one child equivalent (as per On Genetic Interests), and an estimate of $5 million for the economic cost of a human life.

A quick calculation tells us that each and every German citizen of ethnic German descent will incur a loss of ~ $470.6 billion from these 800,000 migrants.  That, my friends, is more than four hundred seventy billion American dollars for each individual (ethnic) German citizen.  If you wish, you can multiply that by the total number of ethnic Germans in Germany to get the bizarrely enormous sum cost for the entire German nation.

I am sort of dubious that any sort of "economic growth" from even productive immigrants - never mind Third World brutes - can in any way even try to approach breaking even for those sums within multiple orders of magnitude.

Well, then, we will be told there is a "moral dimension" - that Germans have some sort of "moral obligation" because of their WWII "blood guilt."  Really? Is that worth $470.6 billion apiece? I really wonder if your typical German citizen would rather "feel good about themselves" than have $470.6 billion. And if you wanted to do good, wouldn't those billions allow you to do so, rather than having hordes of young healthy NEC men lounging around Berlin cafes parasitizing off of your society?

True, we are not talking about actual sums of money.  But consider the demographic equivalent. If Germans "want to do good for the world" they'd be in much better position to do so as an intact demographically secure German nation, with the well-known intelligence, discipline, productivity, and efficiency of the German people, than as some sort of Arabic-Turkic wasteland in the middle of what used to be Europe.  The $470.6 billion per German represents a biological investment in the Germany ethny that can yield positive results for human progress. On the other hand, the loss of the German ethny would be an irreplaceable loss for humanity.

Therefore, Germans - and Europeans as a whole - owe it to humanity, and not only to themselves, to ensure their own demographic survival.