Thursday, December 10, 2015

In the News, 12/10/15

Attention Japanese readers and jock-sniffing sports fans.

I strongly urge any Japanese readers here to organize resistance to this genocidal lunatic.  Take to the streets, demand his resignation, then put him on trial for treason, with the "ultimate penalty" as the outcome.  What?  Are Japan and China now in competition as to who will emulate the West in self-destruction through alien immigration?

You need to increase the native birthrate. So, there is going to be a lag with a shrinking population. So what?  Japan is over-crowded anyway, there are more important things than a growing economy, and Japan is featuring increasing automation anyway.  Any alien filth you guys take in are going to be, most likely, a permanent addition to your nation and its carrying capacity. You would be diluting your biological and cultural patrimony for mere short-term economic advantage.

The West has destroyed itself through immigration of incompatible peoples. If you Northeast Asians are so very smart like the HBDers say, you should be smart enough to look at the example of the West and utterly reject calls for a similar self-immolation. And while you are at it, dump democracy and reinstate a full military. Yukio Mishima was right.

Then we see Dusty Baker, racist.  The same White sports writer shitlibs who hounded Jimmy the Greek and John Rocker will be, I'm sure, real quiet about this. I'm no sports fan, but a cursory google search about this Black bastard Baker indicated that he ruined the careers of young White players while at Chicago - White guys Prior and Wood.  Just a coincidence, Dusty?  Or maybe there were some real nice and "speedy" Black and Latino players you wanted there instead?