Monday, December 21, 2015

In The News, 12/21/15

Insanity keeps on rolling along.

Two of the "movement's" favorite countries, Germany and Austria, are behaving in a manner that we can term, to borrow a phrase from Bernie Levanters, "pathological." Actually, it should be the opposite: those nations that take in refugees should be those facing sanctions and legal action. I also like the women-baby pictures used by the media to depict refugees and migrants, most of who are actually violent young men.

Building upon a post from yesterday, we observe Bernie's "pathological" delusion continues.   Details about what Trump said about "cheering Muslims" are irrelevant to the main issue, shown by opinion polls, that a significant fraction of American Muslims support radical Islam. That's a fact that off of Sanders' Middle-Eastern flim-flam cannot change. Sanders can babble all he wants about economics; the emptiness of his analysis was exposed by yesterday's post here.

Hillary the liar.  Is she "pathological" as well, Bernie Asiatic?  Interesting that the reality is that ISIS mentions airstrikes in their recruitment, yet the System continues to promote airstrikes despite that. The reason was also discussed in yesterdays post. The System is a ratchet that moves ONLY in an anti-White direction. Any major decision of the System can be predicted based upon whether it helps or harms Whites.  If it helps, it will be opposed.  It it harms, it be will promoted.  That's it.

And here we see Ayn Rand fan Paul Ryan.  The support in the "movement" for racially destructive Jewess Rand could be baffling, but then I remember the stupidity of the "movement" - it's infatuation with "libertarianism" and its obsession with particular racial phenotypes that the Jewess cleverly used to describe the sociopathic "heroes" of her stories, to make those "heroes" more appealing to the types of nitwits who believe that the poisonous memes of a Jewish hag have a deep positive meaning for "our cause."

That's why I reject a "big tent" (real) movement - one has to oppose evil and stupidity, not embrace it. I mean, the "movement's" ultimate hero, Saint Adolf, also rejected the "big tent" and followed a rock hard ideology, supplanting and/or assimilating rivals. Interesting how the "movement" rejects that sound advice from their hero, but will accept ludicrous racial theories about "drooping Czech moustaches."