Monday, December 14, 2015

Majestic Mainstream Marine Failure

Where's the "power" that is supposed to be the justification for mainstreaming?

Mainstreaming “crashes and burns” in France, as predicted at this blog.

Marine tries to move towards a political center that is already occupied, and occupied by parties and politicians with previous experience in power (and with System support).  The niche is full; there is no more political carrying capacity in the center-right territory in France.

Let’s compare this outcome with Durocher’s other onan-object: Chicken-Wire Vik Orban. Orban has increased popularity by moving to the right, not to the center. True, the Hungarian Right is already occupied by Jobbik; the difference is that Orban is already in power, and can use the power inherent in his position to push Jobbik out of their niche and occupy it himself. The FN has never been in power, it has no means to push Sarkozy out of the center-right niche; further, the System – which views Mainstream Marine as anathema regardless of her cuckservative prevaricating – would never trust her enough to allow her to become established in that centrist niche.  All that mainstreaming effort for nothing.

The bottom-line: Mainstreamers are the cuckservatives of the “movement.”  Mainstreaming is treason and mainstreamers are traitors.

Once again to stress a point that some do not understand: mainstreaming has nothing to do with rhetoric, it has to do about ideology.  A radical does not have to be a bombastic buffoon like Trump. One can express extreme radical views in measured language, and I encourage those on the far-Right in actual politics (as opposed to metapolitical bloggers) to do just that.  But that’s not what Marine has been doing; under her watch, the FN has moved ideologically to the center, towards civic nationalism. That’s unforgivable, it’s a proven failure, and it’s a mirror image of the American GOP cuckservative phenomenon.