Monday, December 7, 2015

Meet the Farooks

Farook knows best.

I was amused to read a conspiracy-mongering gamester commentator assert that the picture of the lovely "Mrs. Farook" was some sort of hoax, an invention - "look at the eyes, they don't match the bottom of the face" (as if the family wouldn't say: "hey we don't know that person" - oh wait, they are part of the "conspiracy" also).

In other words, some cloistered individual with limited experience with real "human biodiversity" - as opposed to the rants of Asiaphilic HBD bloggers and "academics" - simply cannot believe that an extant hominid can actually look like that.

Well, my friend - that is what South Asians look like. That's a legitimate NEC phenotype, not a "hoax," not a "fraud," and not part of any "conspiracy."  If it bothers you, if you cannot believe that such specimens are in your country, then you need to get involved in serious political activism. "Sitting poolside" certainly won't solve the problem.