Friday, December 18, 2015

More Evidence Supporting a Connection Between Racial Diversity and Autism Prevalence

Causing autism.

Half the increase in prevalence is “unexplained.” Note the increase started to “take off” from the mid-1970s, when the post-1965 alien influx starting being felt throughout America and there was increased diversity experienced not only in “real-life” personal contact but also through exposure to images in the media.

More prevalent among boys – males historically being the ones to defend the tribe against alien incursions. The amygdala is larger in males than in females. Indeed that paper states:

Lastly, autism, a developmental disability that is characterized by significant deficits in emotion, communication, and social interaction, is approximately four times as common in males than in females. The social and emotional deficits in autism have been speculated to result in part from an altered amygdala function in individuals with autism, partly on the basis of similar deficits that have been observed in patients with lesions to the amygdala (Adolphs and others 1995). The link between the amygdala and autism is further supported by neuroimaging evidence that the amygdala in children with autism undergoes abnormal development (Schumann and others 2004).

The amygdala functions in the response to race and skin color, providing a mechanistic connection between racial diversity and autism.  Greater amygdala function is observed both in autism and in response to the racially alien.  Coincidence?

There also seems to be higher autism rates among non-Hispanic White children in the USA.

Are the high rates in South Korea due to exposure to White and Negro Americans since the time of the Korean War?  Hence, in any given majority culture, an influx of aliens and alien images generates the diversity that causes higher prevalence of autism.  Perhaps the higher prevalence will be seen in the children of the aliens themselves, being exposed to novel majority phenotypes?  Diversity harms everyone.

Some evidence suggests that in European countries, autism prevalence has increased along with diversity with no clear link to “MMR vaccines.”  It’s not the vaccines, my friend, maybe it’s the South Asian doctor administrating the vaccine, whose physical appearance damages the amygdala of your child.

Mixed-race/multiracial seem to have high rates of autism. That not only blasts another hole in Zivian “hybrid vigor” flim-flam, but consider the implications. The mixed race have a neural network, including the amygdala, etc., derived from distinct racial groups, and they are being constantly exposed to people of different races, even within the family. Their race-recognition/amygdala “software” will be permanently “scrambled.”

Why hasn’t there been a serious and OBJECTIVE study examining the link between increasing racial diversity and increased autism?  And the racial diversity must be measured not only by actual “on the ground” diversity, but also diverse imagery in the mass media. A White child may live in a predominantly White city, state, or nation. But if they are bombarded with images of alien hominid phenotypes through TV, movies, books, Internet, comics, etc. then the exposure is there. How much autism has been induced for example by flooding the media with images of Malik?  Science is – or should be – about skepticism, and trying to disprove (falsify) hypothesis.  Those that resist falsification are more likely to be true, but we always have skepticism.  However, the testing needs to be fair, thorough, and without political motivations. The diversity-autism link may be false, but it needs to be fairly evaluated. Fat chance of that – and fat chance of finding being release if the link is supported by the evidence.