Saturday, December 19, 2015

Odds and Ends, 12/19/15

Cheer up, things will only get worse.

An interesting Yahoo comment, presumably from an Eastern European in Italy as an exchange student:

I am an exchange student here in Italy, not EU but from Europe. To get my residence permit, as part of the procedure I had all my fingerprints taken, as well as various combinations (1 finger, 2 fingers together, whole hand and so on). I also had to pay 107 euros and present all kinds of documents (that I can support myself and so on). I am poor, just a student, but I still respect Italian law. That being said, if I see someone cheering when these leeches come I want to take a pipe and hit them in the head, even if that means I will be deported or whatever the rules are. Not to mention that Italy is filled with Africans and I have to go with colleagues to the supermarkets at night because they stand by the doors in groups and if they see someone alone they start saying something. Really really unsafe. I come from a poor country, we can't afford the newest Iphones but at least we don't fear for our lives in our own country just because we're white and Christian. I can only assume it's worse in Germany and France. Get your act together West, if this is the western dream I kept hearing about when I was a child then consider me disappointed.

By Africans, I assume this person does not refer to Sicilians and other S. Italians (the “movement” view), but rather to recent African immigrant invaders. That would be interesting, since we were all assured, not so long ago, by the good and great “Sir Desmond” Jones, that Italy was 100% homogeneous and demographically secure, to the ends of time, forever and ever, amen.  Obviously then this Yahoo comment is a Medish plot – it’s some sort of Slavic-Medish lie!

An interesting VDARE article here.  The GOP wants open borders for the USA, but let’s police and bomb the borders in the Middle East!  What’s pink-frilled Miss Lindsey at the polls these days, I think it is 0%.

Also, at VDARE, Peter Brimelow unburdens himself:

Last year at the Donor Appreciation Christmas Party that hosted in New York, I repeated a theme I’d been brooding about for a while: miracles happen quite often in politics. They happen in private life too. This picture captures both: my wonderful young wife Lydia

Yeah, Pete, we know, we know – you’re an old guy with a young wife, and you have a wonderful head of hair (which in an emergency can substitute for a mop).  It would be a real miracle though if you’d stop talking about it.

Jews making movies.  A botched, unpleasant, socially destructive mess.  Who would have ever guessed?

This reminds me of Jurassic Park. In the Gentile-written book, the boy character is a competent and knowledgeable brother who helps protect his girlish younger sister. In the Jew-made movie, the girl is a little feminist hero, protecting her completely useless and wimpy brother. Surprise!  Once again, the Jew emerges as a corrosive solvent, dissolving the bonds of a stable, organic society. They can’t help themselves, it is in their very nature. But why does the victimized society tolerate it?  As someone else noticed:

Lex/Tim – These are almost identical characters but reversed in the genders we saw on screen. In the novel it’s Tim who’s the older brother and the computer/dinosaur whiz while Lex is the useless younger sister. She’s completely pointless in the book and immature...