Friday, December 11, 2015

Reality vs. Mr. Derbyshire, 12/11/15


Main point here: The Japanese have been doing the long-term thinking about demographics that we haven’t been doing; and they’ve been doing it for 76 years. 
What have they concluded from all that thinking? Well, here’s a thing they have not concluded: They have not concluded that mass immigration is the solution to their demographic problems. They believe they can keep their standard of living — one of the world’s highest — maintain their technological advantages, and manage their national debt, without importing millions of foreign workers. There is no constituency in Japan favoring mass immigration. In Japan, even business moguls are patriotic.

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan should craft an "integrated" immigration policy to cope with its shrinking population, or risk losing out to an ageing China in competition for vital foreign workers, the cabinet minister for administrative reform said on Thursday.