Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Roissy and Vaccination

Dark triad indeed.

On the one hand, Roissy promotes the hedonistic, casual sex, "player" lifestyle, which includes promiscuity, sodomy, and inter-racial sex.

On the other hand, he criticizes the idea of vaccination against HPV, a sexually-transmitted virus that can cause cancer.

I can see why these "gamesters" value "dark triad" traits - they are all a bunch of sociopaths.

And, yes - who should accept blame for the fact that the vaccine is offered at disturbingly young ages, consistent with sexual activity in high school, if not in middle school?

Certainly not socially conservative national socialists.  PUA scum?  Yes. HBD perverts (hello, Derb) who, along with the gamesters, stress that the "peak attractiveness" of females is in the age 15-20 years range?  Yes. Don't like the fact that teens (and even tweens) are "players?"  Look in the mirror.

I oppose the idea of a "big tent movement."  When faced with evil (and stupidity, which is often the same thing), the correct action is to take a principled stand against it, not accept it.

I declare Roissy evil.  And stupid.