Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sen: Cui Bono?

Who benefits from this rabble rousing?

Let’s put aside the “movement” gossip issue of whether Sen and Vallone are the same or different people. Let’s focus instead on ideas – what memes are promoted by Sen?  Let’s take a look at this statement by Sen, emphasis added:

It might be alright to build an ice Mosque in Sweden, but not in historic Italy. Italians simply don’t play that way. I know as I have an Italian uncle who’s quite clear, “Outside my front door it might be 2015, but inside it’s still 1815.

When Icelandic artist, Christoph Buechel, who spent his formative years in Cape Town, decided he wanted to bring a Mosque to a mediaeval Venice church, the locals didn’t know what to make of it.

Many wondered what a lily white, blonde haired blue eyed Nordic man wanted to bring a Mosque to Venice for? How he looked and what he was doing didn’t compute.

One local told our resident Italian, Giacomo Vallone, “They don’t have a culture in Scandinavia so they embrace Islam. We have a culture in Italy so….vaffanculo if you think we are going to see it replaced by some stupid Icelandic finocchio (homosexual) and his Marxist ideas.”(linguistic note  – In Italian vaffanculo is a contraction of a popular reaction to stupidity, “va’ a fare in culo”)

But this shouldn’t’ surprise anyone. Scandinavians, the sorts of people that again build mosques out of ice to appease their invaders, are thick. Sorry but anyone that allows their land to be overrun by people RAPING their women and children, must be stupid-it is that simple.

If it takes someone with 25% Indian ancestry-black hair and an olive complexion, to fight for Northern Europe, what does that say about the 100% indigenous population? That they’re weak? stupid? haven’t a clue how to defend their homes, families and ancestral culture? 

So, what do we see here?  We see a blatant attempt – all too familiar to those experienced with NEC antics – to inflame the “Nord/Med” divide and to turn Europeans against each other.

Let’s see all the tropes here. We have a “lily white, blonde haired blue eyed Nordic man” wanting to bring a Mosque into Venice Italy, implying some sort of racial attack by Nords against Meds (step one: agitate the Meds, make the Nords defensive). Then we have “Giacomo Vallone” (either Sen or an actual Med supporter of Sen) – labeled as a “resident Italian” (what’s an Italian doing living in the UK, the Nords respond – an attack against us – step two), insulting Nords by "quoting" a local Italian with hostility against Nords – “They don't have a culture in Scandinavia” and “Icelandic homosexual” – so, now the Nords are really enraged by this dago effrontery (step three).  And then we see Sen (who claims to have an “Italian uncle??!!”), speaking as Sen (and not Vallone), mocking the “100% indigenous population” of “Northern Europe” as being “weak” and “stupid” and unable to “defend their homes, families, and ancestral culture.” That’s step four.

So, in four easy steps, he’s managed to inflame Meds against Nords, and then enrage the Nords against Meds. After focusing on a Nord trying to do something stupid in Italy, he has one Med - ostensibly living in the Northern European UK - quote another Med so as to insult Nords as being homos with no culture, followed by Sen (together with his Med uncle and his "ally" Vallone), mocking Nords as weak and stupid (really inflaming Nord hatred), and trying to impose that same weakness and stupidity on the Meds (let’s make sure the Meds are suitably angry as well).  And this is all being put forth by people living in the UK, enjoying the fruits of a highly organized and successful society created by Celto-Germanic Northwest European “Nord” Britons (further enraging the Nords by the sheer “chutzpah” of it).

So, ask yourself this question: Cui bono?