Thursday, December 10, 2015

This is What Balkanization Looks Like, 12/10/15

Der Trumpening.

Remember what Salter said: From the perspective of a majority being dispossessed, the only thing worse than multiculturalism that does not work is multiculturalism that does work.

When the System is against you, chaos is your friend. Trump may be a fraud; he is definitely a buffoon. It doesn't matter. His behavior, and the public perception of his candidacy, is doing more damage to the multicultural consensus then all the "movement" texts and blog posts in recent memory combined.

What is necessary is for Trump's support to be maintained or even increase, to send the message that a significant portion of White America agrees with him. Division, discord, mistrust, chaos, bad feelings, ethnic animus - these are all the things we need more of, more destabilization, more confusion, more anger.  Whatever he is, whatever fraud he may be, for the good that's he's done so far, I say God Bless Donald Trump.

And, if he doesn't get the GOP nomination, he must run as an independent, to ruin the GOP in 2016, and underscore to everyone - the GOP Establishment, the pundits, and most of all to the entire American public - that the GOP simply cannot win at the national level without the likes of Trump's supporters.

Balkanize, balkanize, balkanize!