Tuesday, December 1, 2015

TOO Commentator on "Naive" Durocher

Right on the mark.

Comment (slightly corrected for spelling):

The author of this article is nai’ve about the EU. The EU does not represent interests on ordinary European. Its in fact anti-white with legislation and policies of “diversity.” Even more dangerous the EU elites are puppets of American Imperialism making the EU another NATO. American Imperialism in Europe has many faces like tax dumping in Ireland or cultural submersion in the UK or Turkey an American tool for years in the Middle East or Brussels. Do not underestimate resentment in Europe against US colonisation. In your search engine type “Engaged Democrats Against the Americanisation of Europe.”

Saying Durocher is naive is like saying the sky is blue; he has the political acumen of a five year-old. If he's not immersed in starry-eyed worship of the fraud Orban then he's shilling for Mainstream Marine, and he has a childish faith in the innate goodness of the EU.  It's hard to say when Durocher has "jumped the shark" since his "writing" has always been the equivalent of "Fonzie" in mid-air.