Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Yet Another Reason for Roissy to Play the Piano

"Game" retards.

These vaccines are loaded with neurotoxins

No, they’re not.

(which are why there are horrifying side effects like irreversible facial twitching), phthalates,

Who?  Where?  When?  In your imagination?
 and are ineffective. Every time there’s an outbreak….it’s the vaccinated kids who get it. This includes the Disney measles hysteria.

Idiot.  First, some percentage of the “vaccinated” didn’t have the full series.  Second, some small percentage of people do not become immune. Given that the vast majority of people are at least partially vaccinated, it’s obvious by sheer mathematics that a majority of the ill would have had at least one vaccination. What is the rate of illness between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated?  More to the point - why was measles almost eliminated in the USA, only to make a comeback when incredibly evil and ignorant anti-vaxxers started their retarded Luddite song and dance?

More to the point, vaccines are supposed to “save” kids from benign illnesses such as measles, mumps, chicken pox, and polio. These are utterly benign to any healthy individual and will pass within days as a modest fever.

A raving lunatic.  Have you ever had measles, madman?  Modest fever?  Are you out of your mind?  And while mumps is not so bad for a child, if you are worried about “ball-shrinking” you had better avoid getting mumps as an adult.  Chicken pox, dumbfuck, can lead to shingles later in life.  Real modest, that.  And oh yeah, only “weaklings” ended up paralyzed from polio. How about we inject some polio virus into your kids and find out how strong they are?

It is only the biological weaklings who can’t resist these. Yet it is the weaklings (“bubble boys”) with weak immune systems who are advised not to be vaccinated, whereas healthy kids are injected with the poisons. 

Louis Pasteur in his lab with an evil cackling laugh: “I’m gonna poison that little Kraut with this here ball-shrinking rabies vaccine!”  Yeah, big man, let’s see one of your little Christian rugrats get bitten by a rabid animal. What ya gonna do?  Stick to your guns!  Vaccines are for weaklings.  Let the kid just “sweat it out!”  Just a modest fever, after all.

 In other words, the philosophy of vaccines is to sacrifice the strong to protect the weak.

What an idiot. The strongest and best can die of these diseases as easy as any “weakling.”

Parents of healthy children need to stand up to the parents of weaklings. No, it is NOT our duty to keep your weak child healthy. That is YOUR duty. If you have a bubble boy, that’s your business, but I won’t inject my children with poisons to supposedly save him from chicken pox.

No, it is NOT our duty to protect your demented family with our herd immunity. And guess what – you and your family spread disease to me and mine, and I’ll consider it assault and battery, and attempted murder, you despicable dumbfuck.

No parent should let their child be injected with these brain-killing, ball-shrinking poisons.

What an idiot. They’re “poisons” – that’s why doctors get their own children – never mind themselves – vaccinated. It’s a mass suicidal delusion!  Let’s all just get dat dere “mild polio” and we’ll be all set!  The iron lung awaits!
 Find a good pediatrician – many Christian practices give their patients the full choice – and protect your children.

Christian - who would have guessed?  Jaysus will save you!  The dead Jew on a stick!

And a hearty “fuck you” to Jimmy Boy for bringing this crap up with his stupid post.  Hey, Wideassman, with all the Negresses you have “banged” you had better be up to date with all your shots.