Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 New Year Notes

Right-wing notes for 1/1/16.

In response to the moronic TOO article discussed here, commentators continue to make good points:

Trump has said many, many times that he favors affirmative action. Affirmative action is the ONE ISSUE that affects all of us and it has been the major weapon that blasted us out of government employment and universities.

Come now! We cannot be "very rough" with the "African American community." Look, I'm enjoying the Trump candidacy because of the chaotic destruction it is bringing to the corrupt American political system. But all these Game-HBD types who are getting all breathless and moist-in-the-panties over Trump are completely delusional. Trump and his campaign should be used instrumentally by WNs, the same way his campaign likely wants to use WNs instrumentally (their votes and their tacit, not too loud, support).  That's it.

Chances are, if are okay with race-mixing, you aren´t a racial nationalist.

Which is exactly what the PUA/TRP misogynists are advocating.

Exactly. The gamesters support race-mixing at least for White men, as a way of boosting their "sexual marketplace value."

So when Highlands says:

To me, it’s a measure of how extreme that desperation became, how stuck we were in our own echo chamber, that spokesmen as radical as the Chateau proprietors are on race, and as inspiring as they are to our bolder young men, should be seen by many as tainted.

The proper response should be:

You idiot, Roissy promotes race-mixing, sexual hedonism, and calls people who care about race and culture (like most TOO writers) “chumps.”

Meanwhile, as predicted, some gamesters are praising Quentin Tarantino as a "shitlord approved movie-maker." After all, to these types, True Romance (combined with anti-Negro slurs in Reservoir Dogs) is sufficient to overcome the man's extreme anti-White leftism. One good thing about Game-HBD-"Movement" is its predictability: the other shoe always drops with them. As with accusations of Jewish ancestry - another gamester accuses Tarantino of being an "Eskimo" (juvenile game code for Jewish), even though his reported ancestry is Italian-English-Irish or Italian-Cherokee-Irish, and the only non-European ancestry for him is the "Indian princess" stories. And why can't the gamesters simply say "Jew?"

Greg Johnson on 2015 and predictions for 2016. I agree with some, but I seem him as being much too optimistic.

That the "movement" can take advantage of the Trump campaign is a very doubtful proposition. All the talk about European nationalist parties doing well is irrelevant if they are shut out of power and if the destruction of Europe continues apace. As far as "worse is better" goes - how much worse do things have to get?