Friday, January 15, 2016

A Sane and Rational View, 1/15/15


Let’s contrast a reality-based movement to the fantasies of the “movement.” 

As regards Trump, the man and his campaign should be approached in a purely instrumental fashion, with no emotion, false hopes, or hero worship whatsoever.  If you need to bang a nail into a plank of wood, you use a hammer.  You don’t form an emotional attachment to the hammer, harbor false hopes about the hammer, or hero-worship the hammer. You just use it, and put it away when done and forget about it.  Hence, Trump.

If one wants to talk about subjective definitions of superiority – not really relevant from an objective EGI standpoint – then it’s obvious that East Asians are NOT superior to Whites.  Let’s see how people vote with their feet.  China is one of the largest sources of immigrants to the USA.  Wealthy Chinese are desperate to get into the USA and other Anglosphere nations.  Koreans immigrate to America.  There are more persons of Japanese descent in America than the reverse.  A superior people do not flock to migrate to inferior peoples’ lands.  The inferior do not produce more attractive and desirable societies than do the superior. HBDers can shuck and jive about “IQ” and other Asiaphilic metrics, but overall human quality is pointed out by the direction of migrant flows (*).

As regards, love-struck Danny boy, it is obvious that a West ready and willing to defend its own borders can do so without the help of alien, invasive, and hostile peoples. The “Rise of Asia” is an illusion created by the very real Decline of the West.  Asians are filling a vacuum created by Western self-destruction, a vacuum incapable of being filled by anyone else.  If the West were to rise again – which is the prerequisite for all of Danny’s sweaty fantasies – then Asia may need Western help, but not the reverse.

Why a resurgent West should tolerate Chinese – or any other racially alien – colonies on its territory is also a mystery – unless one invokes the Derbyshirian explanation, which is doubtless correct.  Unfortunately for Johnny and Danny, I doubt a resurgent West would build High Policy based on the sexual needs and preferences of the “awkward squad.”

*The most attractive destinations for immigrants are the nations of NW Europe and the Anglosphere.  Hence, we must admit that the Old Movement has a point as to which groups create the most desirable societies.  One thing we can all agree on is that East Asians definitely do not build such societies.  Even the lowest, the most degraded, of Europeans produce more attractive societies than do East Asians.  There are Chinatowns in Italy, but no Dagotowns in China.  There are of course West African communities in China, and thus we see the real racial hierarchies present themselves to view.