Monday, January 18, 2016

Do I Maintain That Jews Are White?

Clarification of some extreme confusion.

Some of my critics have been recently asserting that I have an agenda to "make Jews White" so as to allow them to enter "movement" circles.

I think anyone who has been following my work over the years would consider that ludicrous.

I'd like to point  to a TOO essay, in which I painstakingly make the argument that Jews are not "White" if by "White" one means indigenous European.

The confusion may stem instead from a more recent Counter-Currents essay, in which I do not in any way refute my earlier assertions, but merely state that the argument is irrelevant from a broad standpoint. "White" can be defined in different ways.  Officially, in America, Middle Easterners and North Africans are considered "White."  The general population would likely consider Jews to be "White" although I think most people also recognize that Jews constitute a minority group ethnically and culturally distinct from European gentiles. Even IF one were to accept that definition - which I, by the way, do not - there would still be good reasons to separate European "Whites" from these NEC "Whites."

The Counter-Currents article very clearly advocates rejecting Jews regardless of whether they are considered "White," because of the differences outlined in the linked articles, and also because they identify as their own, separate group, with their own interests.

That is in no way some sort of subtle ploy to obfuscate differences, as I am accused of.  In fact, completely the opposite: I state that a group that is not indigenous to Europe (so defined by my standards) cannot be part of our ingroup no matter how others try to parse the genetic and phenotypic data.

To summarize:

I have never considered Jews "White" if one means by "White" "ethnically European." 

I have in fact consistently taken that "not White" line for the last 15 years.

I have always been a strong supporter of KMacD's work on the Jews, and find nothing to differ on the subject from, say, Strom (although I may differ from those gentlemen on other issues - in fact, Strom's pro-Putin attitude is one of those issues)..

I have been critical of people like Professor Hart and have long criticized Hart's agenda.  I believe I even had a post on that on Majority Rights, ironically enough.  I do admit writing in TOO:

No doubt, there are some Ashkenazi Jews and part-Jews (e.g., “White Advocate”) who self-identify as White, Western, and European, and who sincerely wish to promote Western survival. We can welcome them and their contributions. 

But, today, I think that is mistaken, so I am in fact moving in a more excluding direction.