Thursday, January 7, 2016

Germany's Jeopardy

Salter on the ongoing crisis.

Frank Salter has put together an important YouTube video that is a must-watch for ethnic Germans and, indeed, for all persons of European descent worldwide.

A transcript of that video is here.

Once again, Salter's contributions dwarf the inept ranting of the "movement." I would advise that the video be brought to the attention of as many people, particularly Germans, as possible.

As regards those people who think that I have recently been too pessimistic about the situation in Germany and throughout the entire White world, here is a German writer who makes exactly the same predictions (emphasis added).
What can we expect from 2016? Recently, the European Commission estimated that 3 million “refugees” could arrive in the EU in the course of the year—three times more than in 2015. Ms. Merkel still refuses to fix an upper limit to the influx of asylum seekers. If anything, the debate in Germany about a tightening of the asylum law only increase the influx—they want to get in as soon as possible because they fear that the gate could close. 
My prediction: the dictatorship of Political Correctness will be further strengthened in Germany. Dissidents will be persecuted. Violence will occur between different groups of asylum seekers and between asylum seekers and the native German population. Social assistance will be redistributed from the European working poor to Arab immigrants. Islamization will continue. 
And not just Germany, but also Europe, abolishes itself.

"Movement" losers need to explain why this German and I are both wrong, and they need to describe any reasonable scenario in which Whites will "wake up" before it is too late. What provocation will be sufficient? Rotherham, Paris, California, Cologne - not a ripple of significant response. Any suggestions from the Nutzi peanut gallery?