Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Last Hope For White America?

More lack of foresight from "movement" "leadership."

A common theme this electoral cycle is for some in the "movement," including "leaders," to claim that Trump's candidacy is the "last hope for White America."

In my opinion that is an extremely short-sighted and irresponsible thing to say, for two reasons.

First, as I've already discussed here, it is more of the "man on white horse" syndrome, a search for quick-fix saviors, reading into people what they are not, raising unreasonable expectations, and setting activists up for the inevitable disappointment.

Whatever his virtues, Trump is an old man with no political experience, a man who not so long ago was liberal on immigration (the Trump who criticized Romney on "self-deportation" in 2012 would be considered a "cuckservative" by today's standards) and who apparently is still liberal about affirmative action today.  Sure, I say "vote for Trump" in order to destabilize the System, but let's be realistic.  

One can argue that there is balkanization benefit for some White racialists to openly support Trump. The more successful Trump is while at the same time being "linked to White supremacism" then the more this increases racial distrust and chaos in America - all good things.  Therefore, racialists need to toe a fine line with Trump - support him sufficiently so as to make the public associate Trump with a pro-White attitude, but not so much support that it lessens Trump's electability.  From the standpoint of optimal balkanization, an equilibrium needs to be achieved of just the right amount of far-Right support, so as to create the public perception of a politically successful "hater."

But that's perception.  To actually state to activists that Trump is "the last hope of White America" goes too far.  It invests too much into the man, and it is not necessary to link him to racialism.  In other words, instead of using Trump instrumentally, in a dispassionate manner, to advance specific racialist goals, the "movement" is becoming emotionally attached to Trump, and is taking its own rhetoric about him and his candidacy too seriously. The "movement" is thus setting itself up for a fall.

Second, if you say Trump is the "last hope" then what happens if he is unsuccessful (or if he is elected and then disappoints)?  What then? Do you say "it's all over for White America?" Do you admit that your previous statements were wrong or merely melodramatic hyperbole? Or do you pretend like nothing happened and hope the "movement" rank-and-file forgets all about it?  Any of that is a recipe for cynicism and disillusionment.  How many times can activists get "burned" by all these would-be-saviors before people get disgusted and give up?

How about saying Trump is a "great opportunity" rather than a "last hope?" Isn't it obvious that apocalyptic language can be overused?  Or is the affirmative action "movement" "leadership" unable to understand this, being elevated to their position for reasons other than merit?  Or maybe they see Trump as benefiting from the same affirmative action within the "movement" that they do themselves?

To quote a Nutzi who apparently is a supporter of the "movement's" ethnic affirmative action program: lulz.