Monday, January 18, 2016

Merkel's Murder of Germany

When have so many suffered for the stupidity and treason of so few?

The grotesque acts that occurred on New Year's Eve were not isolated incidents, but happened nationwide with the earmarks of single intentioned flash mobs operating in numbers too large to control and overtaxing the law enforcement personnel available to deal with it. 
Some of the ones who were detained told police that they couldn't do anything to them, that they had been invited into Germany by Ms. Merkel, as if that was a license to harass and abuse the girls without consequences. 
A million people from another culture, who practice another religion, who have no regard for women's rights and who believe that Western Society is decadent, who refuse to assimilate and don't believe they are bound by the laws of the host country, is a lot to turn loose on any society at one time, and New Year's Eve was just a small harbinger of things to come. Even if the troublemakers represent just 2 percent of the population of refugees, that is still approximately 20,000 people that can cause a lot of problems for Germany. 
This is before the terrorist component has made itself known. Merkel, in her rush to out politically correct other world leaders has imported the agents of death into her country. The genie is out of the bottle, and German children will suffer the ramifications of Angela Merkel's folly for generations to come. In rejecting a 200,000 limit on the number of refugees entering the country, it seems Merkel plans to allow even more refugees in 2016. 
It's too late for Germany. They have opened the zoo, and lions walk among them. Soon the terror attacks will begin, and the Muslim population explosion will, in relatively few years, create a significant voting block that will grow exponentially. Unlike native Germans who abort millions of their unborn each year, most Muslims don't practice abortion, and their tradition of having multiple children per family only accelerates the process.