Monday, January 18, 2016

More MR, 1/18/16


Since there are some important issues to discuss – particularly about Asian colonization – I will attempt to be serious and professional here, and skip the ad hominem.  Note I also address the Salter issue, as well as the podcast offer, in which I present a fair alternative.

I’m not aware of any ‘yellow supremacy’ going on here. Furthermore, this is the second time you’ve asked me to remove it, if I count your first request as being the one that was sent via Thorn in a comment here that has since been removed.

In a previous blog post, I stated: “I asked GW years ago….”  Therefore, in general, I have asked a number of times over the years.  But, if you want to keep it, keep it.  It just doesn’t make sense to do so, if I am such a lunatic.

But wait, you don’t know who Thorn is, I thought?So you don’t know Thorn, but he’s carrying messages for you?

There is such a thing as “copying and pasting” on the Internet.  One selects text from one site and then pastes in into a different site.  A person I do not know (Thorn) reads my blog and copies material from there onto your blog, presumably because he (or she) disagrees with your stance on Russia (as do I).  That does not constitute “carrying messages.” 

I said that I do not know Thorn.  If you and Daniel have had previous interactions with him/her, that is independent of my own concerns about the content of Majority Rights. 

Of course, because of the way that the world has developed, we can’t spend our time constantly trying to kill each other for frivolous reasons, when co-operation in areas of shared interest is so much more lucrative. The threat to the integrity of European population groups is a serious threat with implications that stretch beyond Europe’s borders, and so it’s only natural that many Asian people would have an interest in working with Europeans. I have a feeling that you won’t quote this paragraph when/if you respond to me, but surprise me and do it.

It is duly quoted.  I would like to note that I have no problems with Asians in Asia.  Cooperation between racial blocs, each in their own homelands?  A possibility.  Cooperation when one group believes it has the right to colonize the other?  No.

And where is the support of Asians for Whites?  They instead identify with the world of color.

I don’t seem to recall anyone at Majorityrights arguing in favour of Chinese colonisation of white lands either. 

Daniel (emphasis added):

Sacrosanct European territories in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand will likely need to become smaller at any rate in order to be maintained and defended. But with the increased manageability of defense will come an opportunity to offer cooperation to Asians to have some sacrosanct territories of their own in these places. 
We already have Chinatowns. Now there could be some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.

That is not simply saying, “Better Asians than Blacks.” That is saying to have Asian colonies in: Americas, Australia, New Zealand, European cities, and Mediterranean borders.   It’s there in black and white. 

And this is precisely my objection.  I absolutely reject any scenario that includes Asians having “sacrosanct territories” in White lands and/or maintenance of “Chinatowns” or any other invasive colonies in White “borders” or in “European cities.” 

Yes, the UK’s leadership deliberately and consciously siding with international motherfucking Jews… 

I honestly believe it is language like that which influences decisions of people to come and do interviews there. Palmgren may have radical views but they are expressed in professional language.
Or, we ‘craftily’ realised that after the undeclared border war in 1938—1939 in Manchuria, it was going to be impossible to actually win against the Soviet Union unless Japan could first carve out and secure an economic zone to the south, the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, which necessitated the removal of the United States Navy and the myriad British installations in that region, so that the liberal international cunts couldn’t just shut down all of Japan’s productive capacity in a day.

“Liberal international cunts.” Question: has Palmgren at Red Ice ever used that language?  Do you believe that an academic scholar wants to be associated with a site that discusses “liberal international cunts?”

As to your point: if the Japanese had good reasons to avoid war with the USSR, then they should have told the Germans that.  As far as my reading of Irving goes, they did not do so – betraying the trust of their allies.  Indeed, all indications are that Hitler was surprised and disappointed by Japanese actions, re: the USSR.

Are you fucking kidding me?

More of the same.  Can’t the same be expressed without cursing?

We already do know what the ‘right choice’ is. The USSR was destroyed, and then it degenerated into a capitalist restoration federation staffed by a collection of bloated ex-Stalinist thugs, who we will also systematically destroy. 

The right choice from the White perspective remains to be determined.  If you believe, as I do, that China is a bigger threat than Russia, the choice was wrong. 

and you are hyperventilating about the tiny to negligible number of business-orientated and well-educated Asians who are inside the western world right now?

China, India, and the Philippines rank high as the major sources of immigration to the USA.  Asians are, I believe, the fastest growing minority group in America.  My blog well documents Asian animus toward Whites.  Even if all Asians are well-disposed toward Whites, the whole point of racial nationalism is….racial nationalism.  It’s not a multiracial state.  I do not want any Asians, “well-educated” or not.  I fail to see why that is so difficult to understand.

I don’t know if you fucking noticed… 

Again with the vulgar language.

…but there’s a literal swarm of crazed Arabs and Africans rampaging around in continental Europe right now like diseased gibbering monkeys, and you are meanwhile complaining about Asians? 

Yes, I do notice.  That is an issue of gave concern, and one I blog about frequently. However, while you may not understand this, or may be offended by it, I do not want Asians any more than I want “crazed Arabs and Africans.” 

I do not know if you have noticed that West Africans are increasing in number in Chinese coastal cities (a situation which causes agony to Peter Frost).  Perhaps you should worry about that.  Get the Chinese girls with guns to protect their own people, and White folks can do the same in their own countries.

Now, about the podcast: people may have reasons to eschew participation other than being “chicken” to debate with you.  If you cannot discern reasons for such prudence, then I suggest you think more carefully about it.

If you believe it so important to have such a "direct" interview/discussion, then in theory it can be done in writing (note: not as an attachment, but in the body of an email), for example, submitting questions through a third party intermediary at least to start (Johnson, MacDonald, Spencer, Sunic, etc.).  I do not wish to be interviewed via podcast, and it is not only for you; I've refused previous offers to do so by other people. However, I would be more than willing to address your questions/concerns in a written format, which indicates a good faith effort on my part - if for no other reason than to underline our profound differences in worldview.  I have previously conducted written interviews with others (e.g., Norman Lowell), and I believe the results were satisfactory.

To summarize:

1. I have no basic problem with Asians in Asia
2. I do not want ANY Asians living in White areas whatsoever. I am not interested in multiracial states – that is precisely the whole scenario to be opposed
3. Cooperation between Euro and Asian groups is possible, as long as these groups are strictly separated in their own nations and continents.
4. It is quite possible that Russia may have to give up the Far East for demographic reasons – their population is crashing.  That is regrettable – however, I support Russians in their ages-long battle against the Asiatic hordes.  I do NOT want to “inflict harm” or “systemically destroy” them.  Please note that I do NOT support the Putin regime nor do I support Duginism.  I do support genuine Russian Slavic nationalism.
5. Commentator “Tom” was correct. If Whites get to the point that they would be willing to defend their “EGI” then they would not require Asian assistance to do so.  Europe could stop the migrant invasion immediately – if they wanted to.  The problem therefore is not technical but political-moral-spiritual: they do not want to. 

As far as Salter goes, since obviously you people will not give up on the idea that I am responsible, and since you believe that my correspondence with GW is fair game, I will reproduce the relevant excerpts of the messages I still have (if there are others, I do not have them and may have deleted them).

Me to GW:

To make a long story short - I can't speak for Salter, but my impression is that he wants to appeal to more mainstream and conservative elements.  So, I don't think it's optimal to have him on a more radical site like MR. 

GW to me:
Thank you very much.  I understand what you are saying.  We are going to proceed with contact with Dr Salter, but with great care for his own interests.  Reason being that there are a couple of serious questions that should be put to him, and will not be by anybody else.  I want him to judge the issue of his contact to us on the intellectual merit of the subjects under discussion, as well as by our repute.

That is not a malicious attack against anyone.  If some misunderstanding took place later, or if there is subsequent correspondence I am missing, or if I later got pissed off about something (constant attacks against me on your blog by Silver, Jones, etc.), that is unfortunate.  However, the bottom line is – obviously – that I have absolutely no control whatsoever over what Dr. Salter decides to do.  Can anyone really believe that I do?  You can’t be serious. Give it a rest already.

If it makes you feel any better, I openly call for Salter to do an interview with Majority Rights. 

As far as Daniel saying that I’m not a sincere player for European interests: whatever.  But, learn how to take a joke, man, for godssakes.  You called me a troll faggot who sucks Jewish cock – so what?  It’s funny. I poke fun at you and Kumiko?  Big deal.  You post pictures of Chinese women with guns as Western border guards – you have to expect a bit of humor in response.  Stop taking yourself so seriously.

I’ve never had any personal problem with GW, and always liked him personally, so I do not want to continue having a “pissing contest” with his blog.  So…whatever.  I still oppose the ideas expressed in the original post, though (as did other people commenting there).

I am willing to professionally discuss these differences, as indicated above (so there is no ulterior "Jew" motive), but not in a podcast setting.