Thursday, January 7, 2016

More on Germany, 1/7/16

German self-abasement continues.

Meanwhile, I read an article today that says Germany is taking strong action - NOT against the rapists but against Germans complaining about it, who are being prosecuted ad persecuted for "hate speech." Here's an idea for Frausow Merkel - the women who were assaulted and who complained should be arrested and jailed for "hate speech," and the NEC suspects should be given automatic German citizenship and a lifetime stipend.

Germans ponder who is to blame. Come now, the answer is easy - any German opposed to the refugees is to blame, shout down 'dem Nazis!
His fellow activists were far outnumbered by counter-demonstrators shouting them down with slogans such as "East or West, down with the Nazi plague." 
Germany was one of the few European countries to welcome the influx of refugees last year. Many Germans cheered as weary Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis stepped off trains in Germany last summer and tens of thousands have volunteered to help the new arrivals.