Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our Responsibility Alone

Our own affairs.

Since its inception the West has experienced, and will continue to experience, internal conflict. Before the introduction of mass immigration, these internal conflicts have been the result of ethnic tension and religious, political, ideological, and even philosophical differences. But they are our conflicts. They are our responsibility to resolve, and our responsibility alone.

Europe is like one big family, and every big family has turmoil that can only be resolved internally. I am sure everyone can identify with family dysfunction on some level. I am sure that everyone has experienced an outsider who has offered an unwelcome opinion on family matters. Regardless of how correct the outsider’s assessment may be, the most common reaction is to defend your family, no matter how dysfunctional. This is a natural reaction. There is a primordial urge to defend your family from outsiders, even if it is just from petty slander.

That's right.  Well said.  Internal differences among ethnic Europeans are our own affairs, to be dealt with by us alone. We don't want or need Jews, Asiatics, 1/4 Desis, or anyone else poking their nose into our affairs.