Sunday, January 17, 2016

Some Advice to Danny and the Movement


It seems like the geniuses at MR have discerned that I am not “Thorn” (whoever the hell that is) – and only because “Thorn” himself told them.

Daniel then proceeds with a long, rambling statement, consisting primarily of an amusing summary of myself, my character, my ideology, my “pet peeves,” and, interestingly enough, my private correspondence with Guessedworker.  The claim is made that I angrily sent a note that I would “implore” (on my hands and knees I gather – much like Danny addresses Kumiko?) Salter not to appear on MR.  I could in theory reproduce my last correspondence to GW that would effectively answer that accusation, but I will not do so. I will give my reason, which is also a major reason why I do not want anything to do with MR and most of the rest of the “movement” as well.

It’s fascinating to observe that the “movement” never seems to grasp the obvious fact that when something is publicly posted online anyone anywhere in the world – friend and foe alike – can in theory read it.  Therefore, prudence and plain common sense (or as Danny puts it, “half a brain”) would strongly suggest that you do not publicly post any information that is not already online someplace.  In other words, nothing new. So, yes, my MR debates with the likes of Desmond Jones and Silver are a matter of public record (and a waste of digital pixels for all the good it did); on the other hand, my private correspondence with GW, or anyone else, is not, and should not be, a matter of public record.  I’m not therefore going to comment on Danny Freud’s psychoanalysis of myself.

Piece of advice for the “movement.”  If you are going to post on a public forum something like: “Hey guys!  We are going to have the monthly Nazi Party of California meeting at 6 pm on April 20th at Adolf’s Restaurant, 1488 Gas Chamber Drive, Himmler, CA” – then please do not be surprised when a bunch of your leftist friends are waiting there to greet you in a most welcoming manner.

Further, if you hire someone who goes by the handle “SSManSuperAdolfUltraAryanWolf” and hand him the “keys to the kingdom,” please do not be surprised when they walk off with all your files and hand them over to a “watchdog” group.

If you guys post intimate personal details on public forums then do not be surprised that your opponents know what color panties you wear or the brand of combat boots, jockstraps, and after-shave lotion your girlfriend or wife uses.  It seems silly to have to say this, but there you go.

The “movement” claims that they are “in a war to the death with ZOG” and they agonize over “NSA surveillance” and then they proceed to use “movement” blogs, websites, and meetings as the equivalent of social media, spewing forth personal information with all the enthusiasm of a blushing schoolgirl.  They hire people who may as well have “infiltrator” or “agent provocateur” or “lunatic” tattooed on their forehead, and then they bemoan their “bad luck” when it all goes wrong.   Finally, they scratch their head in wonder as to why their opponents are always one step ahead of them.  It’s a mystery, it all is!

As far as Salter goes, as I’ve openly stated before, I do NOT speak for him, I merely admire and support his work and promote it. As to why Salter appeared at Red Ice but not MR, I do not know. Daniel and GW should probably consider that having a blog that contains Silver screeching about “shiteaters” and Daniel about people “sucking Jewish cock” complete with J Richards’ crude anti-Semitic cartoons, is not the ideal vehicle for an academic discussion. I don’t recall that Swede on Red Ice screaming vulgarity, or posting cartoons that would make Julius Streicher blush.

In addition, the gross misinterpretations of Salter’s work on MR, continued with Daniel’s latest screed (in contrast to MR fetishists, Salter’s OGI book says nothing that Danny boy claims), may be another “black mark” against them.  Who wants to see one’s work so cavalierly distorted?  With nutty talk about the “EGI” of everything (MR was getting to the point that you’d expect them to talk about the EGI of street lamps and toilet paper), why would anyone take any of that seriously?

I’ll pass on the invitation to a podcast.  If that makes me a “rat” so be it.

I’ll move on and let the lunatics run the MR asylum.

Always time for a new topic.