Friday, January 22, 2016

That Deep Chess Game Continues!

Cunning Trad Vlad fooling everyone!

The Russian President added that the situation of Russian Jews was currently the best of any place in Europe. 
This would be far from the first time that Putin has made such comments at a Jewish gathering. In July of 2014 he thanked a gathering of prominent Israeli and European rabbis for what he categorized as their “help in Russia’s fight against the revival of Nazism.” In fact, Putin’s magnanimous offer was the latest gambit in the contentious leveraging of the issue of anti-Semitism in the continuing Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Why, if we all didn't know better, one would think that Putin was a pro-Jewish, anti-national socialist, anti-racist, multiculturalist.

But that couldn't be right! After all, Der Movement worships his bare-chestedness, so it must all be part of that really, really, really deep chess game.