Saturday, January 23, 2016

The European People Are Our Brothers

One of Greg Johnson's best podcasts.

First, I want to congratulate Johnson and Hagberg for a fine and informative interview.

Second, I'd like to point out to Hagberg or any Swedish readers that there is a Swedish language EGI essay here.  However, I am sure that native Swedish speakers can make a better translation and I would encourage them to do so.

Third, I'd like to point out how Hagberg and Nordic Youth represents an embodiment of exactly the sort of pan-European cooperation I've been preaching for the past fifteen years. Thus, we see no incompatibility between ethnonationalism or subracialism on the one hand, and pan-Europeanism on the other.  There is a ethnonationalist/subracialist core that then extends to a broader pan-Europeanism.

We see a young Swedish nationalist who defines himself as a Scandinavian nationalist, who states "the European people are our brothers," who travels around Europe, who meets with and learns from nationalists in places as varied as France, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states, and who understands that the problem is wider than that of any one European nation or area, and needs to be resolved at the level of Europe as a whole.

Now, when I have said exactly that, I have been vilified and critiqued, with accusations of some sort of dastardly agenda, or the idea that people could have overlapping allegiances was considered "the most ridiculous thing I've ever read" (by an anti-racist troll of uncertain, possibly NEC, ancestry).

And yet, here we see a young Swede actualizing those concepts into reality, interacting with other European nationalists doing the exact same thing.  In contrast, it's "movement" fetishist keyboard warriors, with their dogmatic obsessions, who criticize the common sense that real world activists find useful and rational and helpful to their cause.