Friday, January 15, 2016

The Wreckage of the Movement, 1/15/15

More tragicomedy.

Touchback Trump, who worries that criticism of affirmative action will hurt Negro sensibilities, disavows support from "White advocates." Those "advocates" will of course keep on worshipping the "man on white horse."

Those "advocates" unburden themselves of their racial views, complete with a reasonable self-description:

East Asians have higher average IQs, lower crime rates, fewer illegitimate children—they’re superior to whites in lots of ways. Do you want to call me a ‘yellow supremacist’?”

The Occidental Observer worries about Iron Age "power of (sexual) penetration."

Speaking of sexual penetration, albeit here concerning dominant Yellow females sexually penetrating submissive White males, we hear from Danny boy:

Moreover, there is the fact that we would be working with a group - Asians - who have sufficient skill and manpower against hostile, hard-to-deal-with and/or incompetent groups - Middle Easterners and Africans.

If the groups are "incompetent" why do we need Asian assistance to deal with them? Further, isn't "hostile" and "hard-to-deal-with" a good description of Asian attitudes toward Europeans and the West?

As Kumiko said, there are already motivations and arrangements of this sort in place...

I imagine such arrangements are in place indeed.

...on the basis of these realities - which need to be better orchestrated.

I'm sure Danny and Kumiko will have much practice with their "orchestrations." They can read that TOO article to get some pointers.

With regard to the manning our borders with some foreign delegation, well, inasmuch as we don’t need them, we wouldn’t have to use them ...

We would not need them so what's the whole point of your stupid post, other than to indulge in sweaty fantasies about being protected by young Asian women holding guns?

- foreign and domestic delegations are meant to fill a need; but they could conceivably help; where they were to exist, we already have models of insular foreign towns, such as Chinatowns, in Europe; which tend to preserve their own kind and ways; and might be of service, having a common interest to preserve the European type and having capacity and motivation in a negative sense to deal with Muslims, Africans and Jews.

So, according to Danny, a future White ethnostate would include "insular foreign towns" full of Chinese, on White territory. Paging Michael Hart! 

What a pathetic disgrace MR turned out to be. Those "Pakis living in London" did a good job there indeed.