Sunday, January 10, 2016

Throwing Russia Under the Bus, Part 3

Hail Rus!

In contrast to many areas of the “movement” – as exemplified by issues discussed in the last two posts - I am pro-Russian (*). Of course, ultimately, ethnic Russians have to be the ones to decide the fate of Russia.  But I have an opinion, and it is this.

I call on Russians to reject Putin-Dugin Eurasianism – you are Whites, racially European, not Asians – and to also reject Raciology nonsense – you are Slavs, not Celto-Germanics, and no amount of wishful thinking and rewriting of history will change the fact that most Nazis looked down on Russians and other Slavs as subhumans.  That was stupid, but it is what it is. Russians need to reject kneejerk anti-Westernism: the multicultural horror currently passing as the ‘West” is an abomination brought about by the same forces that imposed genocidal communism on Russians and other Slavs. While it is true that Russia has its own unique culture and identity, it is also true that, ultimately, that culture and identity is tied to that of Europe, particularly those Western European areas emphasized by Yockey. Thus, it is time for the Eastern and Western halves of Europe – sundered apart by history - to rejoin, just as it is important for the Northern and Southern halves to come together as well (talking here about High Politics and actualizing a High Culture, not a panmixia).

It is also time for all Whites to stand firm against the Colored Tide, including and especially the deadly Yellow Peril. Indeed, the duplicitous behavior of Asians is on full display. On the one hand, China – for now - grabs on to close relations to Russia as a counter–balance to America (and vice versa) – a mirror image to Nixon’s “China ploy” against the USSR.  On the other hand, devious Orientals come to pro-White blogs to agitate against Russians.  Also, while male Asian leaders come together with other Afro-Asiatic leaders to form an anti-White Pan-Colored Alliance, they are clever enough to send their females to sex-starved “movement”/HBD nerds to create intra-White divisions and to try and seduce WNs to fight Russians for Asia’s benefit.

Be wary of these things, my Russian brothers.  It’s time to assist in building a New Movement, for all Europeans, including Russians, and make the stand against the rising tide of color.  Hail Rus!

*Some humorless idiots may point to anti-Raciology ridicule at Richard Lynn’s Pseudoscience as “evidence” of the opposite.  To them, I answer that all European groups (as well as the colored races) get ridiculed there, the “Med” “swarthoids” most of all.  It is obviously “tongue-in-cheek” and heavily sarcastic.