Sunday, January 10, 2016

Throwing Russians Under the Bus, Part 1

Majority Rights jumping the shark.

I have previously written about the despicable Silver's contribution to the destruction of Majority Rights.  What's going on in the rubble of MR land? They have an East Asian female (female - of course) - which, despite the Japanese-sounding anime name may well be that "Chinese Nationalist Maiden" creature haunting pro-White blogs in recent years - making such wonderful contributions such as this:

Siberia is Asian land. Hopefully there will come a day, many decades from now although perhaps not within our lifetimes, when after much attrition the Russian Federation will be sufficiently weakened to the point that it would not be able to mount a defence of that land. And when the daybreak of the Asian Century reaches Siberia, wherever the light from the East is spreading to, all the Russian and Jewish colonialist structures and institutions in those areas will be abolished.

Yeah, that's great, Asiatrix.  However, before you go over to the Derbyshire residence in search of a bit of B and D play (measured groveling!), may I suggest that the following be a prerequisite for any discussion about the racial future of Siberia:

1. All persons of full and part Asian ancestry be removed from the West, regardless of "citizenship" or "place of birth."

2. The Asiatic world population pays reparations to the European world population to compensate for the damage done to Europeans (including and especially those in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) by Asian colonization of Western nation states.

3. A discussion of how Asians are going to compensate Russians for the investment of human and material capital spent by Russians in the building up of Siberian infrastructure.

4. Mass trials in the future Western ethnostates of Asiaphilic White HBDers, after which the HBDers will be publicly and excruciatingly slowly tortured to death, reduced to shrieking masses of flesh, as their pleas for the mercy of a quick death are drowned out by the joyous cries of vengeance emanating from the vindicated White masses.

In the meantime, other "movement" blogs should consider the costs of tolerating obvious anti-White trolls.