Saturday, January 2, 2016

White Renegade of the Year

Excellent Hood article.

If there was ever a time for Europeans to unite against a common threat, it is now. This invasion should be the catalyst for Western Man finally to cast aside the disputes and short-sightedness that have brought us to the brink of disaster. Unfortunately, Mrs. Merkel has transformed the main institution of ostensible European unity–the European Union–into the most dangerous weapon in the hands of our opponents. If whites survive, it will be thanks to the bravery of independent national leaders such as those in Hungary, Poland, and other Eastern European countries still fighting to preserve their freedom from Brussels. Even the refugee crisis has become, in the end, yet another intra-European struggle, yet another sickening brothers’ war.

I view Merkel as demented, truly mentally ill. Instead of being the leader of Europe's most powerful nation, she should be drooling in an insane asylum, wrapped in a straitjacket, isolated from normal people. The film clip of her throwing away the German flag; is this to be believed? She says multiculturalism is a failure, and then actively promotes it for Germany and Europe; is this the behavior of a sane individual?

I agree with Hood that Europeans worldwide need to unite against the common threat. Indeed, the major, overarching theme of all my activist work up to this point has been to promote the pan-European perspective.

But I would like to see Hood be more honest here. The "movement" - the Old Movement (which certainly includes the forum at which Hood has published this article) - is, and has long been, hostile to the idea of having "Europeans...unite against a common threat." As the reception to my work has shown, a core element of the Old Movement exhibits open hostility to Europeans uniting for a common cause. The Old Movement's caste system, in which certain European ethnies are considered akin to gods (or "angels"), while others are considered lower than Negroes, does not lend itself to a situation where Europeans can be united. When fellow Europeans are treated with more scorn and disdain than are the Third World invaders, how is this unity of purpose to be achieved? When a large segment of the "movement" considers Europe - or at least anything of worth in Europe - to end in the eastern direction at Berlin and in the southern direction at Vienna, where is this unity? It does not exist.

If Hood believes in this unity he needs to address this and help build a New Movement that corrects these errors and allows for European Unity to become actualized.