Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Tale of Two Non-Whites

The second situation is just puzzling.

First, it's Johnson vs. Roosh, Part II. At some point, I hope that the "movement" gives up on all this PUA nonsense. The whole point of the "movement" - if we take their statements at face value - is "what is best for the White race." Therefore, of course, sexual activity needs brakes, needs controls. The idea that non-White men should NOT be sex-trolling around Europe is a feature of WN, not a bug. I thought all of this was obvious?

Second, here is a statement made by an individual claiming to be a Japanese female, concerning the upcoming "Brexit" vote in the UK:

Assuming that nothing about this insane situation changes by June, I will vote ‘Leave’ on the referendum when it is placed in front of me. I would have no other choice.

That can be interpreted two ways. The more charitable interpretation is: "IF I was a Briton living in the UK, I would vote to leave the EU." The less charitable interpretation, and the one more consistent with the wording is: "I live in the UK with the right to vote there, and I will vote to leave."

The first interpretation is a perfectly reasonable expression of opinion. The second interpretation, if true, essentially completely invalidates the entire blog/website on which it is found. Isn't the whole point of racial nationalism to have racial separation: nation-building based upon race (and culture)? This is WN, not Derbyshirian HBD.

Somewhat supporting the second interpretation is:

From my perspective this is all a complete disaster in the making, of a kind that will have far-reaching ramifications and probably will impact my purse directly in some measurable way.

Directly? Regardless of how this statement influences which of the abovementioned two interpretations is true, the statement on its face is bizarre. Do the British people need to worry about how their decision affects a Japanese woman's "purse?"

Wait, there is more:

However, I would not be angry with the British people if they chose to throw in the towel and give up on the European Union Project now.

The British people do not require the permission or approval of foreigners to decide the national future of the UK.

What is the main point of Brexit? It would seem that the two main issues are Sovereignty and Immigration. That being so, it would seem that the opinions and interests - much less votes! - of East Asians should be irrelevant. The idea that Japanese people should in any way influence this decision is the very thing Brexit is supposed to oppose.

Indeed, the only people who should be allowed to vote on Brexit are UK citizens whose ancestry derives from one or more of the following sources, and these sources only: English, Scottish, Scots-Irish, Welsh. No one else, regardless of "citizenship" or "place of birth," should have any rights in this regard whatsoever.