Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hatred of Trump As a Proxy For Hatred of Whites

Attacks on Trump from the Left = Attacks against Whites.

With Trump’s latest impressive victory, this time in Nevada (expect breathless mainstream media accounts about “Rubio’s momentum” and how “Trump is finished”) we can take a look at an interesting Counter-Currents article.  The key paragraph, emphasis added:
For all Trump’s continual appeal to the buried racial instincts of despondent white Americans, he is still a civic and economic nationalist, and his centrist positions simply don’t warrant the outpouring of frankly insane rhetoric from all the bile-secreting organs. Trump has his own political correctness, whereby he places Negroes in his campaign adverts front and center when they align with his causes. He treads extremely carefully around language that could be construed as racially charged or insulting. His focus is on the rule of law and prosperity. So while UKIP and Front National could plausibly be described as inheriting BNP or anti-Semitic votes, the frothing psychopathy and “Nazi” slurs thrown at Trump don’t hold up and are purely emotional. 

Indeed.  Trump’s actual campaign, his actual policy positions, by no means rate the sort of “frothing psychopathy” spewed in his direction, a level of attack I’ve never before observed in decades of following American politics.  Even Trump’s most “extreme” positions are actually quite restrained and reasonable, and would not be out-of-place in the mainstream political discourse of not so long ago.  First, Trump campaigns against people entering the USA illegally (who are, after all, violating immigration law), he wants to prevent further illegal immigration, and he does not want to reward (at least directly) those who are already here illegally.  Second, in light of terrorism threats, he calls for a temporary – repeat, temporary – hiatus in further Muslim immigration to the USA.  That’s it.  And all other issues, he’s a moderate, a centrist, in some cases liberal enough so that his positions do not markedly differ from that of liberal Jewish icon Bernie Sanders.  Far from being a “racist,” Trump eagerly embraces the Negro and supports anti-White affirmative action programs.  Therefore, we ask: why all the hysteria from the mainstream and from the Left (which are, in truth, one and the same)?

Well, Trump’s immigration views are seen as being at least indirectly supportive of White demographic and cultural interests.  His base of support is from working class and middle class White Americans; thus, Trump is seen as running a right-wing populist campaign aimed at mainstream White Americans – a group considered anathema by the System and its supporters. So, we see filth like cuckservative David Brooks screech that Trump is all about folks “pining for a White America that’s not coming back” and that is part of the (not inaccurate) stereotype of Trump’s supporters being “older, angry White folks not comfortable with a changing America.”

Therefore, the reason why the mainstream/Left reaction to Trump is so out of bounds, so disconnected to what he actually believes, is that Trump is a symbol.  Trump, to their minds, is a proxy for Whites, a representative of the older, traditional White America that they hate.  To put it more bluntly: by hating Trump, they are hating Whites.  All the rage and vitriol hurled at Trump is precisely what these folks feel about White folks.  Their hatred of Trump is simply hatred of Whites. And all the hatred and rage against the pillow-smothered Associate Justice Antonin Scalia (“the devil has a new playmate in hell,” was one of the more mild expressions of leftist joy at Scalia’s death) is merely a stand-in for hatred against the traditional White America that Scalia’s judicial philosophy represented.

Trump Derangement Syndrome = Hatred of White Americans

It’s as simple as that.