Monday, February 8, 2016

Hood on Trump: The Last American

Hood on Trump. 

Yet what could a President Trump really do? In the unlikely scenario Trump wins, we’ll paper over the hole where our national soul should be with big projects designed to conceal the decline. True, the Great Wall of Trump would be a glorious symbol of our national will to survive. Unfortunately, unless we repatriate post-1965 non-white immigrants, legal and illegal, the demographic damage is already done. One positive effect is the conservative movement would be reconstituted along nationalist lines, but without confronting demographic issues directly, there would be almost no way to reverse the underlying causes of American decline. Trump himself has said he would not challenge anti-white racial preferences and aside from immigration, would leave the multicultural spoils system essentially untouched. While Trump has undoubtedly fueled the rise of the Alt Right, in office, he might function as a safety valve rather than an accelerant. Like Putin, Trump would impose a vaguely conservative, patriotic veneer on a state with crumbling ethnic foundations. It’s not that Trump is “pro-white”; it’s that he’s not anti-white, which makes him far Right in the current political context. 
Trump is an opportunity for the System to save itself by giving whites a sense they are tied to the existing System…Regardless if he ever wins a single primary, let alone the election, Donald Trump is already a transformational figure. He reveals the System is incapable of saving itself, and European-Americans should plan for what comes next.

That's good, but Hood's analysis leaves out one important fact.  A reason why Trump is a "transformational figure" is that there is the perception that he is a pro-White "hater" even if he definitely is not.  That perception means that increased Trumpian success translates into increased chaos, increased inter-group mistrust and hatred, balkanization, a stumbling block to the smooth working of the multiculturalist regime.  In a sense, Trump is a "useful idiot" but this time for our side, not the Left.  We must have no illusions: Trump is no savior, is not one of us, and a Trump victory would in no way "save White America."  But, like a hammer or a wrench, Trump is a useful tool to accomplish a specific task - to agitate the Coloreds (especially the Hispanics) and the White/Jewish Left, to shine a disinfecting light on multiculturalist lies, to throw a monkey wrench into the smooth running of the machine. Trump is dangerous to us because he can be a "safety valve" for White discontent, just as Hood asserts; Trump can be a danger to the System, because he "heightens the contradictions," also as Hood asserts.

If Trump is a useful tool, then we use the tool to the extent that it assists in our objectives, and once we are done with that tool, we ignore it and look for a better one.