Wednesday, February 17, 2016

In The News, 2/17/16

Some items.

It seems psychologically impossible for most Jews to comprehend that they have been partially responsible for their misfortunes throughout history, much like a lousy housemate preserves his self-esteem after being kicked out of house after house by convincing himself that the problem is with his housemates’ prejudices and intolerance, and not the fact that he dirties the house and is forgetful with the rent.

That is exactly right.  Deception and self-deception.

Europeans, namely those in Western Europe and the Anglosphere, on the other hand, are on far end of the other side of the spectrum.

Is there evidence that Eastern Europeans really have a more healthy attitude toward the Jews?

Robert Weissberg said that Jews prefer to support blacks over whites because they believe blacks to be “too stupid” to organize mass murder on the scale that Europeans were capable of in decades and centuries past.

Weissberg of course has been an honored guest - and speaker! - at Amren conferences.

Another example of this reluctant outreach to the goy can be found more in more recent times, where Ukrainian Jewish leader Vadim Rabinovich met with Marine Le Pen. Of course, they met so that they could discuss the need to “combat anti-Semitism.”

Gee, I must have missed Durocher talking about that.

Adolf Hitler, for one, insisted that patriotic Mischlinge be blended into the German gene pool by requiring any marriages be with pure-blooded Aryans.

And today's Nutzi Hitler worshippers obsessively reject even some European peoples.