Sunday, February 28, 2016

More Trump Derangement Syndrome

Establishment makes no sense.

If Trump wins the nomination, that will mean that he has the support of more GOP voters than any other candidate.  These Trump supporters will be voting in the general election, not only for president, but for the open Senate and House seats.  This being so, running against Trump is going to antagonize the GOP base that is going to be out voting.

Are these Establishment types so deranged that they cannot understand that Trump is winning because people are voting for him?  And not only voting for him, but voting for him in the teeth of the most sustained political attacks in recent memory - attacks from the very foundation of his own party!  

This tells me that support for Trump is very deep and broad among the GOP base.  This tells me that a sane strategy would be for GOP Senate and House candidates to appeal to those voters, not dismiss and disrespect them.

This tells me that the most important thing to the Establishment is not winning - it is to signal to the System that they are anti-White, that they hate Trump's populist campaign, and that they hate, hate, hate working class and middle class White Americans. Republicans would rather lose than do anything - anything - that would tie them to what they perceive as the "vulgar White masses." Pandering to "Latinos" and other coloreds?  That they can do - with enthusiasm, despite that these coloreds are Democrat voters. Make even a token attempt to appeal to their own base of White voters?  To the GOP that is anathema, blasphemy.

When will Whites "drop the GOP like a hot rock?"