Saturday, February 27, 2016

On Trumpery

Strom vs. Trump

This is a very good critique of the Trump fraud.  But Strom misses the point of using Trump in an instrumental fashion to destabilize the multiculturalist regime, in the manner frequently described at this blog.  For our purposes, the perception of Trump may very well be more important than the reality.

Of course, if a President Trump suddenly becomes a politically correct ultra race cuck, that would not be good news from the “inflame the coloreds” balkanization agenda, but it very well may be good news for the “radicalize the Whites who have been disappointed and betrayed one time too many” agenda – assuming Whites are bright enough to realize they’ve been betrayed, or are open-mined enough to listen to others tell them that, which is all very doubtful.  Regardless, one must try and take advantage of these opportunities as they arise.  Hasn’t the “movement” already squandered endless opportunities to advance the cause over the course of the decades since WWI?

Therefore, both extremes are wrong.  Investing in Trump as some sort of White savior (*) is a mistake.  But dismissing the Trump phenomenon as having nothing at all to do with our situation, and how we can improve it, is a mistake also.

A prudent and far-seeing “movement” leadership would be carefully planning for every contingency, plotting out approaches to take for various Trumpian scenarios.  Now, of course, they may very well be doing that, and keeping quiet about it, as they should.  But somehow – knowing the human material at hand – I very much doubt it.

*It is amusing that some of the people pointing out Trump’s defects and how we should not be hoodwinked by him are the same folks who fawned over “the White savior” Putin for years, telling us that Trad Vlad was involved in a “deep chess game” every time he did something anti-White and pro-Jewish/pro-Colored.