Sunday, February 14, 2016

Political Jock-Sniffing

Political parties as sports teams.

Read here. Emphasis added:

“What’s changed is people’s perception of other ordinary citizens,” said Doug Ahler, who studied polarization at the University of California at Berkeley. “We’ve become so entrenched in our partisan identities. . . . It’s like a really intense sports rivalry. It’s not about policy but an emotional distrust of the other side.”

Exactly.  Policy does not matter. All that matters is whether "our team" (the guys with the "R" next to their names) beats "their team" (those dastardly people with the "D" next to their names) - regardless of whether members of both teams actually agree on the most fundamental policies and issues. Related to that is the pathetic fanboy political jock-sniffing of celebrity political figures, saviors on white horse who do nothing but disappoint, but who distract the White masses away from any genuine political activism.

But there is some good news:

A senior White House official put it event more bluntly: “We’re literally growing apart from each other.”

Balkanization, distrust, and despair.  To the extent Der Touchback contributes to that, I can tolerate some of the pitiful homoerotic "game" jock-sniffing of Trumps "alpha jerkboy charisma."