Saturday, February 6, 2016

Set Aside Your Humility

I was recently listening to a short podcast Greg Johnson did with an Estonian nationalist.

Johnson made two key points:

1. Because of social pricing, racial nationalists in the “First Amendment Free Speech” USA actually have less scope of action than do European nationalists with the “hate speech laws” that the Europeans have to contend with.  In other words, if the System can impose social pricing costs roughly equivalent to that observed in this Outer Limits episode, then “free speech” protections in America are mostly toothless.  Now, I say “mostly” because, you see, if First Amendment protection was to be ended in the US, we would NOT get an accompanying increase in social freedom as in Europe; instead we would have both social pricing AND speech laws.  Given that, having at least minimal legal protection is something, even though in many cases it is a very weak reed to lean upon.  What we need to is retain, if possible, the minimal First Amendment protections AND somehow defeat social pricing.  That defeat could in theory be done through the System, by making such pricing illegal, but the chances of that are minimal, given that the System itself is propped up by, and derives much of its power from, social pricing.  The alternative is an “end run” around social pricing by building alternative social and economic structures that would make such social pricing toothless. Unfortunately, that would require that a high percentage of American racial nationalists be sane, rational, organized, intelligent, and thoughtful, rather than be foaming-at-the-mouth imbecilic Nutzis.  The bottom line is that, paradoxically, European nationalists have more real freedom of speech than do American racial nationalists, because broad-based social pricing is a more effective form of repression than are legally defined “speech laws.”

2. Eastern Europeans have an inferiority complex, re: the Western part of that continent/culture, and that needs to end, especially since the East is more culturally/spiritually healthy than is the West.  Even though I (justifiably) mock Saint Viktor of Orban, the fact is that, with all his faults, he is a much better spokesman for healthy European values than is anyone in Western Europe, ranging from civic patriot Marine Le Pen to race traitor Angela Merkel.