Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Abandoning mainstream White Americans.

Of course the GOP Establishment (which includes Cruz, by the way) is eschewing Trump's White working class base.  Ever since the end of Reagan's Presidency, the GOP has been running away from this voting bloc and their interests as quickly as possible.  While still desiring their votes, the GOP absolutely loathes working class and middle class White Americans. Republicans hate their own base and wish for nothing better than to recruit the Democratic Party's coloreds to become pliant GOP voters. Further, the Establishment has nothing to offer the White working class anymore, not after Trump - in the absence of an alternative, the GOP may have hoodwinked the base with dog whistling "implicit Whiteness," but now that is becoming increasingly impossible with a real populist alternative in the mix.

What about specific criticisms in the linked article? Comments about Trump's economic policies assert that putting tariffs on cheap foreign goods will cause the increased prices to be passed on to the consumer.  Well, of course that will be the case, that is the whole idea: to make foreign goods relatively more expensive compared to what can be manufactured in the USA.  That is not a flaw in the program, but part of the program itself.  You know, there is no such thing as a free lunch (well, except maybe for colored schoolchildren).  The same applies to "higher supermarket prices" if we get rid of cheap immigrant stoop labor. Yes, until we have full automation, these changes will incur some economic costs (but economic benefits as well). So what?  That is to be expected.  If you want your country back, if you want America to be re-industrialized, if you want the aliens gone, you will need to make some sacrifices.  Yes, there will be some short-term pain for long-term benefit: better that than the other way around.  It is interesting that we ask men to go to war and sacrifice their lives to "save their country and preserve freedom" and yet to ask people to forgo having cheap Chinese junk in Walmart seems a sacrifice too much to make to win back their nation.

Similarly, we are told that Trump's policies would eliminate jobs making goods to be exported to China - as if the net gain in jobs wouldn't be substantial, given that we import far more than we export. We are also told that the Establishment "solution" to lost manufacturing jobs is "job retraining" - ignoring the fact that ability runs along a bell curve and that many blue collar workers simply cannot be effectively retrained to compete in the white collar market and, even more importantly, that the white collar jobs themselves are being lost. So...what? A White factory worker undergoes extensive retraining in "information technology," just in time to be laid off and be forced to train his South Asian H-1B replacement.  Yes, White folks are indeed naive but not, I hope, that naive.

Having created a secular conservative religion around the memory of Ronald Reagan, GOP cuckservatives now disparage Trump by pointing out alleged points of policy difference between Trump and the Great and Holy Saint Raygun.  This misses the point; in fact, the only candidate today truly similar to Reagan is Trump.  Both men are characterized as divorced and remarried celebrities, plain-speaking non-intellectuals with a visceral and somewhat race-based appeal to working class White "Regan Democrats."  Who else can say that?  Jeb?  Kasich?  Rubito the mechanical man?  Negro Carson? Who?  Cruz? Reagan campaigned for the B-1 bomber and against Soviet appeasement; Cruz campaigns for H-1B visas and against gluten-free MREs.  Any comparison is laughable.

Even though  I justifiably criticize Trump and his "movement"-HBD-game supporters, I still recognize the man's very real appeal to working class Whites.  I have to say: in all my decades of following politics, I have never seen any political candidate - not Nixon, not Reagan, nobody - who has been as consistently vilified as Donald Trump.  The reaction of the mass media, the Left, the GOP Establishment has been borderline psychotic.  I call it Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it is an indication that the man is doing something right.  It is also an indication that the fundamental basis of the System is a fundamental opposition to White interests.

Another related syndrome is WROS: White  Republican Obligation Syndrome.  I have written about this before: the bizarre belief that Whites are somehow obligated, by some mysterious iron-clad universal law, to vote for Republican candidates. Thus, the White voting bloc is a given, automatic, nothing that needs to be fought over, they have "nowhere else to go," they can be safely ignored as minorities are pandered to, as the GOP is redefined to fit "the majority non-White America of tomorrow," as Whites are considered the "dead past," and as Rubio-Haley are championed as the brown-tan future of the GOP.

Well, Whites have been such suckers in the past, but perhaps Der Trumpening (for all his faults) has awakened some degree of self-interest in feckless Whites (hence, the hatred of the elites for Trump) - and maybe, just maybe, the days when the White Vote was an automatic "birthright" of the GOP Establishment are long over.