Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Debunking the Chinese Mother

Reproduced and updated from Richard Lynn's Pseudoscience.

Previously, I investigated the Wikipedia claim that Asian-looking, ostensibly White, gay celebrity David Bromstad has a "Chinese mother." I concluded that there was no evidence to back up that claim, and I then presented the genealogical information on the Bromstad family that I was able to find online. As of today, the "Chinese mother" assertion has been edited out of Wikipedia (not by me). Regardless of what future machinations are done at that page, more comprehensive information on David Bromstad's family tree is found here:
Eurasian Rumor Debunked  
There has been speculation and rumor on the internet that David Bromstad is part Asian. The truth is, he has no immediate Asian or Eurasian ancestry. His paternal ancestors are Norwegian and his maternal ancestors are German and Swedish.  
Paternal Family - His father is full Norwegian. David's grandfather Joseph Bromstad was the son of Norwegian immigrants. David's great-grandfather David Espeseth was the son of 2 Norwegian immigrants. David's great-grandmother Gina Emilia Rud was born of a Norwegian immigrant and an Iowa-born Norwegian.  
Maternal Family - His mother is 1/2 Swedish and 1/2 German. David's 2nd great-grandfather John A. F. Krueger was born of 2 German immigrants. John's 2nd great-grandmother Frederika Emilie Wolf was born of 2 German immigrants. David's 2nd great-granfather Emil Leonard Leff was born of 2 Swedish immigrants, and his 2nd great grandmother Selma Kristina Ericson was born in Sweden.
That is entirely consistent with the information I uncovered several weeks ago. Of course, the scientific method requires an open mind and a willingness to change opinions once new facts become known.  Thus, I'm not going to say that the "Chinese mother" is 100% permanently debunked for all time, but it is reasonable to say that, given current evidence, the "Chinese mother" assertion is practically debunked and exposed as factually incorrect. All available evidence - including Bromstad's own assertion that "I'm half-Norwegian" - supports the ancestry described above. Given that there is no available evidence anywhere supporting a "Chinese mother," one can also reasonably conclude that the "Chinese mother" edit was an intentional fabrication. The question: why?  Chinamen or real Hapas wanting to claim Bromstad as one of their own? Unlikely. More likely is that someone didn't want Bromstad's phenotype associated with his actual ancestry, and hoped that convincing people that he had a "Chinese mother" would resolve the issue.  

Update:  It is clear at this point that there is NO "Chinese mother" and the whole thing is a lie. As to why, I think it most likely that the "movement" is somehow involved, for the reason cited above.