Saturday, March 19, 2016

Derbyshire's VP and Supreme Court Picks

Just about what you would expect.

The vile Derbyshire, who has to rank among the biggest pieces of filthy scum in human history, wants Trump to pick a pro-immigration miscegenator like Webb as VP; for the Supreme Court, of course, Derbyshire wants a Jew.  Thus, Derbyshire grovels – in measured fashion of course! – before the twin altars of Asia (Webb’s wife and his pro-immigration fervor) and the Yarmulke (Jews, Jews, and more Jews).

Well, we know Derbyshire is a dedicated enemy of the White race.  But, what about those who give him a forum in which to spew his Asiaphilic and Judeophilic tirades?  Are they not enemies of our race as well?