Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Forging A New People

Eugenics vs. Durocher.

As part of his leftist screed, anti-White activist Durocher asserts his support of the idea that ethnies should accept what they are, should accept their ethnic "personalities," and should not better themselves by trying to emulate other, more objectively successful, groups.

Not surprisingly, I strongly disagree.  A people - any people with pride and honor - should never accept being less than what they can be.  They should not turn away from the upward path because it is easier to do so, or because they think the sacrifices required for improvement would be too much to bear.  They should not let themselves be talked into accepting mediocrity, and a subaltern status in their broader civilization, by rambling trolls like the execrable Durocher.

No sacrifice should be too great to achieve ....greatness.  Therefore, as a theoretical example, if it were necessary to exterminate 10-20% of the population of, say, Italy, in order to improve the national stock through eugenics, then that would be a quite appropriate price to pay in order to have a population that is more intelligent, disciplined, productive, and creative. And to those who say that I am picking on the "swarthoids," one could theorize that northerners could be improved by culling those elements in their populations that exhibit excessive pathological altruism.

Of  course, pitiful weaklings with effete delicate sensibilities may object to these harsh measures, and may wish for more mild methods, such as planned differential reproductive success as well as forced sterilization. An argument can be made that any extensive eugenics program should be undertaken only when we better understand the associations between traits and genes; for example, positive and negative traits may be linked through common gene complexes and changing the one may change the other (e.g., eliminating certain negative traits may have the unwanted side effect of diminishing  some positive traits as well). Of course, cultural changes that are more or less independent of strict biology need to be implemented as well. With all of that, still, at the very least, a program to encourage more reproduction from the better elements, and less reproduction from the worse elements, is a program that seems to have all upside and no real downside.

All of that must be considered; however, in the end, forging a new people is a project worth even the most extreme sacrifices.  The idea that a people - especially any European people - should be content with being inferior trash is disgusting.  In the New Order, there must be no layabouts, everyone must pull their weight.

Thus, a New People for a New Order.