Wednesday, March 9, 2016

In the News. 3/9/16

Some items for today.

Greg Johnson writes of Kemp's March of the Titans:

It is not just filled with “mistakes,” the falsehoods are so systematic and driven by an agenda that the book has to be dismissed as dishonest. But beyond that it is clumsily and stupidly dishonest.

Quite right.  But there's more.  The dishonesty extends to Kemp and his followers stupidly (and clumsily) attempting to deny he and his book are Nordicist, when both are extreme cases, in some ways going beyond Pierce himself (as well as Sayce and Peterson). Ancient Egypt as a "Nordic Desert Empire?"  Napoleon (according to Kemp born in Sardinia of noble French ancestry - no joke) also a Nordic?

Trump wins in the deep south and in the rust belt, loses in Idaho. Sounds all too familiar. Of interest:

Michigan, the place where the Reagan Democrats were first “discovered” by the national media, was a crucial test for his candidacy, testing whether he could really win disaffected union members and workers.

Look who has shown up at TOO again.  Wow, the previous exposure of Sen's antics really "helped," eh? And then we wonder why the "movement" is a mess?  Oh, right, let's blame it on the "multiethnic nature of White America."  No, rather, it's more of the monoethnic nature of White American "movement" leadership, if one needed to choose between those two options.