Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Is Derbyshire Worse Than Durocher?

Derbyshire = absolute filth.

Before the race purists launch their missives about mail-order brides 

Is that how you met Rosie?

and degenerate mongrel brats

That's not how a father should talk about his own children.

however, let me say once again that I’m fine with miscegenation

Oh, we know Derb.  And anyone who supports scum Derbyshire, who gives him a forum, who praises him - those people are anti-White scum as well.

As with the salt in your stew, it’s a matter of quantity.  Numbers are of the essence.

Really?  How many is too many?  This blog says one is one too many.

John Derbyshire, self-described "awkward squad" - a thing who defends genocidal miscegenation to justify his own sociosexual ineptness.