Saturday, March 26, 2016

One Picture That Summarizes the West

Crush the infamy!

If there is one single picture that summarizes the West of today, that clearly defines modern "European values," that underscores the complete worthlessness of the White race (*), it is this.

What else is there to say?  Repost that picture any time some piece of filth starts the conservative song-and-dance about how "Christianity must be the core of White, Western identity" or any other nonsense praising this desert sand religion, a faith carefully crafted by Levantine scum (were Peter and Paul European?) to undermine the Occident.

Christianity is a religion for losers, a religion of surrender, a religion of weakness.  And, no, don't cite instances of centuries past to argue otherwise, back when Europeans utilized an "aryanized" Christianity in an instrumental fashion as a civilizational glue against other peoples with their own unifying faiths.  Christianity has now returned to its life-denying, anti-White, anti-European and non-European roots, and there is no going back.

In an ideal "White Imperium" Christianity - and all other foreign religions - would be outlawed, the churches either demolished or turned into museums, the lower clergy sent to labor camps, and the higher clergy publicly hanged.

*The Pope is a South American (wop), and of course, many Catholics today are Third Worlders.  Nevertheless, we all know what the symbolism of that picture is, what the racial and cultural background is: Whites and the West pitifully groveling in the most pathetic and humiliating fashion to the strident world of Color (which includes Yellows, by the way).