Friday, March 25, 2016

The D and D Boys Are At It Again

Durocher and Daniel S (imitating Derbyshire).

Another pathetic and rambling bit of try-hard nonsense from Durocher the Untermenschen, scurrying around a topic, never coming to any definitive conclusions, promoting his own writings, including his imbecilic musinderstandings of population genetics. Note also how he tries to defend Hitler at Counter-Currents, while at The Occidental Observer these days it is Jews, Jews, Jews. 

Daniel S at Majority Rights has a new post that reaches new heights in the HBD NAMs meme, outdoing the likes of Derbyshire.  It includes this comment:
But yes, for one thing, in terms of EGI, Africans and Denisovans are arguably among the worst Europeans can mix with. Moreover, if you take my example as I actually meant it, not strictly about Paupuans but about blacks, plenty of mixing does occur - quite dangerous and destructive.

Yeah, plenty of mixing occurs with East Asians – quite dangerous and destructive. As I’ve always said, Majority Rights has always had a complete misunderstanding – or in some cases intentional misuse - of the EGI concept (no wonder certain academics avoid them). Fact is, East Asians are almost as genetically distant from Europeans as are Negroes and Papuans. The NECs that MR castigates are much, much, more genetically closer to Europeans than are East Asians. As far as net EGI goes – which takes into account the on-the-ground behaviors of groups that affect EGI – we can note significant East Asian immigration to the Anglosphere, significant interbreeding with Whites, and the seething Yellow Peril hatred of nations like China for the West. And, unlike Negroes and Papuans, the Yellow Peril constitutes a real and long-tern military and economic threat to the West.

Once again, my suspicions are aroused: that East Asians see their women as a weapon of war to be used against European Man (and I use the male sex there intentionally), to influence Whites to take pro-Asian attitudes against the interests of their own people. And before love-struck White Knights, defending Yellows, accuse this blog of “sucking Jewish cock” as part of a conspiracy to derail the budding White-Yellow alliance (an alliance that seems well consummated by Derbyshire’s “measured groveling” to his wife), I can point out that any cursory reading of this blog – and my work in its entirety – makes clear that I’m no friend of the Jews. Amazingly enough, it is possible to be against both Jews and East Asians at the same time.

I cannot consider MR a pro-White site. The “majority” they are concerned with is apparently East Asian and not European. The curtain descends there, leaving GW, Daniel S, and Kumiko to gibber among themselves.