Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Lathe of Heaven Syndrome, 3/31/16

More nonsense.

Courtesy of TOO:

Minor correction—-berbers were not white. Don’t look at cherry picked images of kabyle berbers online who represent .001% of the kabyle population. These pics were carefully selected and disseminated by Berber nationalists attempting to garner sympathy for their cause in western circles. lololololol! While they are not true negroids, most would pass as 1/2-1/4 black folks here in the states. Yes, even the Kabyle. I already addressed this issue in a lengthy comment in part 1.
In fact the brachycephalic, straight-haired Turks of 90 IQ are by an order of magnitude more white, given their closeness to Sicilians and Calabresi(who are off-white caucasoid populations). Greco-Armenian “turks are mongols!” propaganda would have you believe otherwise. :-)

Any evidence to back up these assertions; that is, besides the decisive arguments of "lololololol!" and " :-)?"

The solipsist "movement" marches onward...right off the cliff.