Monday, March 21, 2016

The Unbearable Steveness of Sailer

Three cheers for "Pleasureman."

This is great stuff here from MPC.  "Pleasureman" gives an excellent analysis of all of the flaws, all of the shallow stupidities, all of the mindlessly dogmatic HBD nonsense, which  led to the label of "Breezy Steve" for Sailer (that based on a Sailer fan asking the "great man" when he was going to develop any underlying worldview other than "breezy positivism").

Guys like Sailer, Frost, Cochran are all legends in their own minds, who deal with critique in their own fashion: Sailer with his superficial snarkiness, Frost with overbearing pompous mediocrity, Cochran with his tiresome shtick of being the "grouchy, misanthropic, creative genius."

Dogma isn't science. Superficiality isn't science.  Answering criticisms with, essentially, "you're stupid" (a bit less knee-jerk hostility would be good for the 'ol ticker, Greg) isn't science either.

In summary, HBD isn't science, just more politics.