Friday, March 4, 2016

Trump Race Cucked Again

A supporter of "skilled" immigration.

Trump is once again backtracking on an immigration flip-flop, this time on the H-1B issue.  Even the flip-flop is not sufficient (see below). Hey, Touchback, we do NOT need “high-skilled” immigration. As VDARE has pointed out over and over again, the USA has a STEM surplus, not a shortage.  We do NOT need more White-hating Asians displacing White Americans in STEM.  Instead, maybe there’s a shortage of real estate moguls in the USA – plenty of those in China no doubt!  Let them all in!  Maybe there’s a shortage of reality TV show hosts.  Let’s have more!  And certainly we can use more ignorant, loud-mouthed, Negro-loving buffoons running for President while pretending to be on the “right.”  Also: if Der Touchback can be so easily confused by “blood running out of everywhere” Megyn, how is he going to fare debating Sir Hillary, queen of carpet munching?  Assuming of course that Clinton is not indicted, as she should be.  One wonders if Trump could actually out-debate Biden (assuming Joe is a late 2016 candidate addition replacing jailbird Clinton) – that would certainly be a duel of wits between unarmed opponents.

And, no, mop-head (*) Brimelow – apparently another affirmative action case with a reading comprehension problem – Trump did NOT correct himself “again” on skilled immigration:

Megyn Kelly asked about highly-skilled immigration. The H-1B program is neither high-skilled nor immigration...

In other words, part of Trump’s opposition to H-1B is that it is not “high-skilled” (**) implying that Trump is still supporting “skilled” immigration.  Where in his clarification does it say that he is opposed to such an influx?  As far as I can see, Trump still supports Asiatics displacing Whites, as long as the Asiatics are “high-skilled” and (permanent) immigrants - and not "short-term cheap replacements" (being long-term, less cheap replacements is, of course, somehow better, right Touchback?)..

It’s a good thing the System is still bashing Race Cuck Trump as  a “fascist racist sexist etc.” or else his utility for balkanization would be fading away right now.

Of course, if elected, his penchant for flip-flops raises the question of what happens when he remembers to tell us that his “beautiful wall” is going to be on the Canadian border and not on the Mexican one.

*Perhaps the usual VDARE panhandling can be for the purpose of paying for Pete’s haircut.

**If I remember correctly, Derb’s illegal immigration to the USA was via H-1B, which would underscore the unskilled nature of such invaders.