Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trumpery Squared

Insightful analysis.

Now, that is a great Strom piece, that hits all the right notes.  Thus, Strom is justifiably suspicious of the fraud Trump, knows that disappointments are just around the corner, but acknowledges that despite the majestic flaws of Der Touchback, the perception of Trump, and his popularity despite that perception - or because of it, eh? - does have significant meaning.

In other words, Trump the man is a disaster, but Trump the movement is something to ponder.

I've criticized Strom in the past for his fawning and misguided praise of the Judeophilic multiculturalist Putin, who is eager to see ethnic Russians submerged into a yellow-brown Asiatic morass. But, here, on Trump, Strom is one of the few people on the Right who view the situation with a clear eye. Maybe Strom has learned something from the Putin debacle, who knows? But the bottom line is this: if and when Trump slaps his supporters in the face (and he's already done so to a small extent with the "high-skilled" immigration nonsense), I for one am going to hold all the pitiful Trump-boys in the "movement" (and peripheral adjuncts like HBD and "game") accountable for once again embarrassing themselves with a failed "Man on White Horse."

Someone is "one of us" when they openly declare themselves to be, NOT when they openly disavow us.  We have to stop with the fantasies of "deep chess games." The only people getting checkmated in those games are us.