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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Utah's Tribes

Hostility to the perception of Trump. Lind wins again; "movement" loses.

Lind's old article (right about many things, but dead wrong about Hispanics, ignoring the importance of blood over "social conservatism"); excerpts:

The history of US politics is little more than the history of these two coalitions: the southern-Catholic alliance and the Yankee-black alliance…For their part, the Yankees combined real or nominal support for black rights with a nasty strain of anti-Catholic nativism and anti-Irish bigotry…successive waves of immigration from Britain and continental Europe have modified this pattern without destroying it. Beginning in the 1840s, the main immigrant groups were the Germans and the Irish. Well-behaved hordes of Germans and Scandinavians settled alongside Yankee pioneers in midwestern states such as Kansas, Minnesota and the Dakotas. The social traditions of 19th-century Germanic immigrants meshed well with the Protestant social reform ethic of the Yankees. European Catholics, by contrast, tended to join the Irish, who controlled many big-city governments in the north and midwest, in an alliance with the white south…
...But the civil rights movement united Jews with blacks and their traditional allies, greater New England Protestants and Germanic Americans, against white southerners and northern white Catholics…. 
…The ethno-cultural bases of the northern and southern parties also explain some of the policy differences on civil rights. Democrats uniformly support racial preferences for blacks and Latinos (although not Asian-Americans), while Republicans, almost as uniformly, denounce quotas as a violation of the principle of individual rights. When the subject is rights for gays and lesbians, the positions are somewhat different: the Democrats invoke the idea that individuals, rather than groups, have rights, while Republicans under pressure from the religious right tend to oppose civil rights for homosexuals… 
…undecided working-class white Catholics in industrial great lakes states like Michigan and Wisconsin have become an important bloc of voters in American presidential and congressional politics.

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